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Relationships: The Hidden Oracle, Ch. 25 – 28 (ft. Darien Smartt, Muses of Mythology)

July 3rd, 2023|The Hidden Oracle|

This week Brayden and Niamh are joined by Darien Smartt from the Muses of Mythology, Entering Storybrooke, and Thats the Sitch podcasts. They look further into how Rick Riordan reworks the myths of Apollo into a redemption arch, the way Rhea is canonized, and what it means to develop relationships along side your positionality. Together the team analyzes

Charisma: The Hidden Oracle, Ch. 21 – 24

June 21st, 2023|The Hidden Oracle|

This week Ava, Brayden, and Niamh evaluate the effectiveness of the plaikos' marketing for the Camp Half-Blood Woods and absolutely read the giant ants to filth. They dive deep into the tactics that characters like Apollo, Percy, and Piper use to combat powers greater than themselves and why Rick Riordan's stories focus on these tactics. Together the team analyzes

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