This week Ava, Brayden, and Niamh are take these packed chapters and wonder what it means to teach and how we hold accountability for institution . Together the team analyzes Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle, Chapters 9 – 12 through the theme of Mentorship.

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Chapter Summary:

Meg and Apollo walk to Camp Half-Blood with the terrifying karpoi Peaches. Apollo hallucinates about a man and a woman telling him to find a mysterious gateway and faints, while ruminating on Daphne and Hyacinths. Waking at Camp Half-Blood, Apollo meets his demigod children Will Solace, Kayla Knowles, and Austin Lake. Apollo learns from them and Chiron that the Oracle of Delphi can longer foretell the future and the demigods are unable to communicate in and out of the camp. Even worse, campers have been mysteriously disappearing into the woods surrounding the camp. Apollo wants Chiron to prioritize his problems but learns that his fall and the events at the camp may be linked. The two also worry about who Meg may be.

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Return to Camp Half-Blood is an independent podcast by Brayden Stallman, Niamh Sherlock, and Ava Pirie. Each week these friends from college dive deep into the books of the Percy Jackson universe by Rick Riordan, starting with Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, and now Trials of Apollo. While analyzing each set of chapters, the trio takes an english class approach while diving into how this effects their lives, relates to pop culture, and means about its relationship to literature and the Greek classics. Find out more about this podcast at ⁠⁠⁠⁠

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