This week Ava, Brayden, and Niamh are big fans of Sally cameos, dunk on Apollo, and get really deep with mortality discussions. Together the team analyzes Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle, Chapters 5 – 8 through the theme of Mortality.

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The end credit scene of the Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief movie where Sally turns Gabe to stone.

Chapter Summary:

Percy and Sally Jackson clean Meg and Apollo up. Percy agrees to help the two get as far as the camp. On the way to Long Island the three are attacked by nosoi, or ancient plague spirits. Percy summons water to drench and dilute the power of the nosoi. Meg inadvertently summons a vicious grain spirit or karpos, who defends her fiercely. Since the karpos keeps repeating the word “Peaches,” Meg decides to call him by that name. Apollo suffers.

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Return to Camp Half-Blood is an independent podcast by Brayden Stallman, Niamh Sherlock, and Ava Pirie. Each week these friends from college dive deep into the books of the Percy Jackson universe by Rick Riordan, starting with Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, and now Trials of Apollo. While analyzing each set of chapters, the trio takes an english class approach while diving into how this effects their lives, relates to pop culture, and means about its relationship to literature and the Greek classics. Find out more about this podcast at

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